*Cheaters Blasted, Epic edition*

this is some funny shit!! the first pic, of shelly, is one she sent me before i met her.. The fake ass bitch photoshopped about a 1000 lbs off of it.. the naked one is one i took of the REAl her …. she thought we were gonna bone… i took the pic, shelled the funk.. and dot the fuck outta there.. beware killen..shelly is LOOSE..in more ways then one!

I was dating this slut till i found her on craigslist whoring her slutty stinky cooch out to every black man she could

these are pics of my half sister brittney who was caught by my dad banging my husband, HES the douche, In the Pics with her, i hope they both rot in hell..Im 7 months pregnant…She has done this to a lot of her friends, i just didnt think she would do this to me…fucking whore

Salina is my crazy ex from 7 yrs ago.. she sent these pics to my now wife, saying we were fuckingĀ  today… guess she didnt know i was deployed.. not at the beach in Fl..damn crazy brawd.. lives in New Smerna Fl

i HATE this bitch! these are pics of her, ARIS, and my BF.. fuck them both!., She works at tarheels

Beth was my wife for 3 yrs till i found out my twins werent mine.. I found these pics on an email she sent to some random guy she met online

I found this whore on eharmaony.. she was supposed to be a virgin from the Philippines.. i didnt care if she was or wasnt a virgin.. but the lies is what got me.. I found out she was on a MEET YOURMILITARYSUGARDADDY site with these pics of her…only pics i had of her were her dressed very conservatively…what a true slut

I was with Meg for 4 yrs till she cheated on me when i was deployed.. Temple watch out…